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About Steve Ellis

With a diverse background as a Strategist, Operations Director, Marketing Guru, and Certified Leadership Mentor & Motivational Coach, I bring a unique blend of skills and experience.

I aim to empower 'Olderpreneurs' to transform their businesses or personal brands from obscurity to prominence, making them stand out, attract attention, and leave a positive, lasting impression.

My passion lies in bridging the gap for innovative business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them adapt to the rapidly evolving landscapes of digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and technology.

I ensure measurable advancements that genuinely move the needle for your business by designing, implementing, and executing impactful marketing strategies.

What's my background?

I have worked with companies within the golf industry, healthcare, hi-tech, automotive and hospitality, both b2b & b2c (micro, mid-sized + large) since 2004.

Who I Help

I partner with forward-thinking business leaders and marketers who are navigating the complexities of modern digital landscapes:

  • Organisations Seeking Technological Advancement: I provide expert guidance and implementation strategies for businesses needing to integrate or enhance leading-edge digital technology. These strategies modernise operations and increase efficiency.
  • Companies Stuck in Outdated Marketing Practices: If your online marketing strategies fail to deliver results, I help shift your approach to more effective, modern solutions tailored to today's digital world.
  • AI Marketing Integration: I assist organisations looking to understand and implement AI marketing best practices into their business models. If you're overwhelmed by tech jargon and complex concepts, I demystify these processes, making them accessible and actionable.
  • Marketing Leaders in Dynamic Roles: I offer strategic insights to marketing managers and directors at the helm of progressive companies, cutting through the noise of complex tech talk and ensuring clarity and actionable guidance.
  • Businesses Facing High Churn Rates: If you're successfully generating leads and winning new customers but suffer from high churn rates, I provide strategies to enhance customer experiences and improve retention.

By partnering with me, you'll gain strategic insights, tailored solutions and a robust support system to navigate the evolving demands of digital marketing and technology, ensuring your business remains competitive and relevant.

How I Can Help:

  • Adapting to Technology: If your business needs to integrate leading-edge digital technology or AI, I can guide the seamless adoption and effective utilisation of these tools in your operations.
  • Revamping Marketing Strategies: For those still anchored to outdated online marketing techniques, I offer modern solutions tailored to today's dynamic market environment.
  • AI Integration in Marketing: I help demystify AI marketing, assisting marketing managers and directors in forward-thinking companies to cut through the fog of tech talk and jargon.
  • Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition<: If you are challenged by discovering effective methods to generate quality leads or win new customers, I provide strategic solutions to enhance your approach.
  • Reducing Customer Churn: For organisations experiencing high churn rates due to poor customer experiences, I deliver strategies that improve customer satisfaction and retention, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Together, we can propel your business to the forefront of the digital age, where your visibility and market presence are undeniable.

Let's start this transformative journey today.

Coaching and Mentoring

#ShowUp #BeYourself #BeBold #BeDifferent #BeRemarkable

Coaching and Mentoring

#ShowUp #BeYourself #BeBold #BeDifferent #BeRemarkable

Like To Work With Me?

Consulting is an easy way for me to get involved in your project and get you some quick results.

Let me help you get clarity on what it is you are trying to achieve, avoid all the noise and jargon that's currently distracting you whilst giving you a clear path forward that moves the needle.

You can schedule a 20-minute discovery call with me by clicking on the button below.

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