Done For You, Scaleable, Marketing and Funnels


Done For You, Scaleable, Marketing and Funnels

Facebook Messenger & Chatbot Marketing

Advanced Messenger experiences that transform leads into customers.

Sales Funnels
Direct Response Messaging
Facebook to Messenger Ads
Pre-Qualify & Screen
Tags & Attributes
Messenger Remarketing
Automated Q&A's

Chat Blasts
Drip Campaigns
RSS Boosts
Data Export Integration
Contacts Management
Segmented Audiences
Chatbot Analytics

20/20 TLC - Themed Campaigns (DFY)

Twenty bite-sized actions, over 20 days, guaranteed to generate more Traffic, Leads and Conversions.

Themed Campaigns
Persona Driven
Deliverable Goals
Market Messaging
Marketing Funnel
Chatbot Dialogue
Lead Magnets

Landing Page & Form
Content Support
Facebook Ads
Blog Posts
Email Marketing
YouTube Video
Messenger Marketing

Facebook Advertising

Advanced Facebook and Instagram advertising that scales.

Retargeting Funnels
Custom Audiences
Sales & Lead Generation
Dynamic Shopping
Geographic Targeting

Competitor Research
Conversion Tracking
Creative & Copywriting
Cross-Channel Attribution

Google AdWords

Search, Shopping, YouTube, Display

Account Build & Restructure
Dynamic Retargeting
Search Remarketing
Custom Intent Targeting
Single Keyword Groups
Advanced Bidding

Creative & Copywriting
Geographic Targeting
Demographic Targeting
Phone Call Tracking
Conversion Tracking
Google Analytics Setup

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